Matt | Houston, TX | Preview

I feel so lucky to have met the people I have through my comedy pursuits! Matt is such a fantastic guy – he’s an amazing teacher (he moulds young, 7th grade minds in the ways of English and Writing) and an incredible improviser! I had such a great time photographing him this past Wednesday, and here’s a preview of what’s in store later this week!


Katelyn | Hermann Park | Houston, TX

Kay and I first met in our level 1 improv class. I immediately knew I wanted to befriend her for a few reasons. We were the only two girls in the class, and easily the only two under 30. She also dressed super cute, was incredibly funny, and seemed like an all around awesome person! Later, we learned that we’re both 23-year-old vegetarians who, of course, shared a love for comedy – and so, our friendship was sealed in an adorable, hand crafted proverbial envelope filled with shiny heart-shaped confetti and a letter sprayed with a delicious sugar cookie body spray! Okay, now I need some cookies.

Anyway, here’s a little session that Kay and I had in Hermann Park in honor of her birthday! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!

I have to say that one of the best things about photographing friends, is that I know they’ll laugh at all of the weird, dumb, (most likely inappropriate things) that I say – that’s when I snap ’em!

Okay, I had to share this picture! Katelyn showed up with a huge bag of things that we didn’t really end up using, but among the cute props was this amazing ceramic unicorn family! Ha ha! This girl has some collection of goodies!

This is another goodie that Kay had in her bag, and I seriously love this little flying pig statuette!

Katelyn, I had SO much fun photographing you! I’m so glad that we met and that you let me photograph you with my camera all up in your grill!


It started out a dismal, cloudy, rainy day. After a weekend of the same, I was hoping that today would be different, but after looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. Thankfully, the clouds parted and the sun finally shone through! I had told (warned) my husband, James, that I was going to take photos of him for his birthday – March 13th! He was born on a Friday the 13th, by the way!  As far as my life and I are concerned, that was one lucky Friday the 13th! Anyway, my husband is normally my “model” when I’ve got nothing lined up and I want to shoot – poor guy; it’s not really his thing, and I don’t think my direction of “be less weird!” is as funny to him as it is to me. But I do my best to make him smile and laugh while I torture him with the camera! I’m sure this isn’t the last time he’ll be featured on here!

So, once he got home, he ate, told me how horribly his head was hurting, and then I drug him outside for pictures! He’s so amazing! He did not complain once, and for that I am happy and thankful!

James, you are such a fantastic husband. You’re my best friend, confidant, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life! I feel so lucky to get to spend my life and raise a daughter with you!

P.S. – you are such a total babe!

A New Contest!

I recently just entered my 18th week of pregnancy with our first child – a daughter that we will name Sophia Wynn. My husband and I are so extremely excited, as this is such a precious time in our lives, and we know it will be so much more exciting (albeit crazy) once Sophie’s here with us!

Going from life as a duo to a trio is something my husband and I are looking forward to, and something I absolutely love capturing with my clients! That’s why I’m so excited to announce this new contest for fellow first-time parents!

This contest is open to all Houston area residents that are currently pregnant with their first child, and due anytime between now (1 March 2012) and August 31st 2012! It’s easy to enter, and the winner will receive:

– a 1.5 hour portrait session featuring you both with your new family member

– two discs of the best, edited, hi-res images

– a password protected online gallery

for FREE!

Like I said, it’s so easy to enter – and guess what! There are so many options and ways to enter, and each one gives you an additional entry into the contest! Here’s how:

Simple leave a comment on this blog entry!

Go like the Dandy As Lions Photography Facebook page, and leave a comment with information about your baby (name, due date, etc)!

Update your Facebook status with “I just entered for a chance to win a free newborn/family session with @Dandy As Lions Photography! Check out the ways to enter before the contest ends on March 31st!”

Follow me on Twitter, and tweet “Just entered for a shot at a free family session with @dalphotography! See how to enter before the contest ends 3-31!” to your followers!

Be sure to tweet and update your Facebook status with exactly what’s typed above! That way I know you’ve definitely entered the contest!

Each one of these methods will get your name in the pot for the contest! That’s up to FOUR ENTRIES per person!

The contest will end on the 31st of March 2012, and the winner will then be chosen completely at random, announced, and notified by the 4th of April!

I seriously can’t wait to photograph the winning family and their newest family member!

Good luck, and get clicking and commenting!

Shyla + Eric + Ori | Newborn Session | Houston, TX

Welcome to my new blog! I figured that now that I’m in Houston, I’d have a new blog filled with new work that will start in Houston! If you’d like to view my old blog, you can visit that HERE
I thought I’d start things off with this fantastic newborn session! Makes sense, right? Starting a new blog with documentation of a new life! That’s deep, people!
My husband and I are living in Houston waiting on our first child to arrive! Before I got pregnant, I started taking improv comedy through The New Movement Theatre. Comedy has always been a huge part of my life, so I was excited to start. Through the classes, I met Shyla! We quickly got close and when she and her husband, Eric brought home their newborn son, Ori, I jumped at the chance to photograph them together as a trio!