In The Dark | 30 Days 30 Photos

This past week has taken a serious toll on so many people. After hearing about and seeing what has happened in Boston and West, Texas (which is practically down the road from my hometown of Waco), a dark cloud has settled over me. While I am so thankful that my family and friends are with me day in and day out, I cry for those who are not so fortunate.

I don’t typically engage in spiritual talk on the blog, but my spirituality and faith in the Divine, Creative Energy (some call it God, Spirit, the name doesn’t matter) is what is keeping myself going. I have prayed so much and so hard; with everything I have, I ask God to be with the families and loved ones that have been touched by these events. I can’t even begin to imagine what those who has been directly involved in these horrible tragedies are feeling, but I know that things will get better. Maybe not in the near future, but one day, the light will stream through the darkness.




Katherine & Robert | Houston Wedding

Katherine and Robert are two of the sweetest people on this planet! I loved working with them, because even though they are a little shy, they were totally on board with being in front of my camera and loving one another. Their intimate, casual April wedding was such a joy to photograph!


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Thank you so much, Katherine and Robert for having me capture this celebration!

Bluebonnet Baby

Well, my baby turned nine months old on Sunday. To celebrate, I took her to do one of the most Texan things that a Texas baby does in the Spring: have her pictures taken in the bluebonnets!

I called one of my good friends (and one of my best bridesmaids & also fantastic photographer), Whitney to see if she and her little baby bug, Kaylee, would want to join us! Bluebonnets are kind of a big deal, so we did the mom thing and took some photos.

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I’m obsessed with my baby. What can I say?

Quick! Before You Forget, Again! | 30 Days 30 Photos

My little baby sister is graduating from college soon! She walks the stage next month, and will receive her diploma in August! We are all so insanely proud of her, and to celebrate the end of her college career (hopefully not the last career she’ll enjoy), we took pictures in our hometown!

These are two of my faves!

Her full post will come soon!


A beautiful & just slightly goofy college grad right there!

Preview | Katherine & Robert’s Wedding | Houston, TX

Katherine and Robert are so incredibly sweet, and brilliantly…well…brilliant! They are both in the process of obtaining their PhDs in Maths from Rice – which is how I came to know them. No no no no I don’t study Math (I don’t hate it; I’m just not too great at it), but my husband does, and he gave them my information when they began searching for a wedding photographer!

My husband is probably my number one fan, and for that I am grateful!

Here is a quick preview of Katherine and Robert’s lovely, intimate wedding! Be on the look out for the full day’s entry soon!