Getting Out | 30 Days 30 Photos

Sometimes, I need to get out of the apartment. I need the fresh air, the trees & sky; I need to go for walks & drives, and just get out into the world!

My initial desire was to head to Galveston, but that didn’t end up happening. We spent a majority of the day at home, inside four walls, and I was on the brink of insanity before I corralled the family and suggested we go for a walk around our complex. It certainly made taking today’s photo a lot easier, and a bit more exciting than just blinding my husband with speedlights!

IMG_6755-1 IMG_6760-3 IMG_6758-2 IMG_6775-5

God is good, you guys.


New Business Cards! | 30 Days 30 Photos

Okay, so I cheated a little bit today. The following photo was taken with my iPhone…please don’t hate me.

BUT I’m super excited about my new business cards! I have to give myself props for designing everything for them.

My contact info is on the back of the cards. I’m really pleased, over all!

I always get my cards printed by Furse Priority Printing based out of Austin. They’re amazing! Great prices & quality! Check ’em out!


Sarah & Nick | Briscoe Manor – Houston, TX | Second Shooter

I have to admit that I enjoy second shooting weddings almost as much as I enjoy being the primary shooter! So, when Lynsey at Lynsey Creative asked me to help her shoot her last wedding of 2012, I was happy to lend a hand! Sarah and Nick’s wedding at Briscoe Manor was absolutely gorgeous! I hadn’t had the pleasure of working at Briscoe Manor before Sarah and Nick’s wedding, and I was blown away by this venue! It was absolutely built with the wedding photographer in mind! I was in love! Here are a few of my favourite shots!

briscoe_manor-2 briscoe_manor-12 briscoe_manor-13 blog2 briscoe_manor-16 blog1 briscoe_manor-20 briscoe_manor-21

Sugar Sweet Baby | 30 Days 30 Photos

My daughter, Sophia, will be nine months old in 12 days. Nine months! That means that in a little over a week and a half, she will have been in the outside world for as long as she was in her own little world! That seriously blows my mind!

It’s a bit dreary out today, so photos needed to be taken indoors.

Baby is a little bit cranky today, so photos needed to be taken during her nap.

I wanted to play a little bit with free lensing, and honestly couldn’t just pick one photo of my precious baby girl…so here are three!

IMG_6707-1 IMG_6711-2 IMG_6712-3

Here We Go | 30 Days 30 Photos

Well…time got away from me today, and I honestly didn’t end of taking a photo during the day like I would have preferred…BUT I did take a photo today!

After coming home from a friend’s house and putting the baby to bed, I quickly realized I hadn’t taken a photo today, and that missing the first day was sure to be an omen for the entire month of photo taking. I was not going to start off on the wrong foot!

Crap! I need to take a picture! Go change your shirt and sit in this chair, please!”

My husband indulges me like no one else! He’s a mega sweetie – even when he makes it obvious that I’m annoying him by taking his picture and blinding him with flashes!


I’m really looking forward to this month! All of the things I’ll learn, and all of the things I probably would have missed had I not forced myself to take stock in every little detail!

A Photo Every Day?!

What am I getting myself into here?

No, really…

I decided that for the month of April, I’ll take at least one photo every day and blog it here.


With my DSLR…not my handy & oh-so-convenient iPhone.

So, seriously…what am I thinking?!

I’m thinking that I miss being able to just go take photos on a whim, and be excited about them!

I’m thinking that I am never done learning about photography; different techniques; different skills!

I’m thinking it’s about time I take some photos for myself, too!


Anyone up to join me on this April adventure? If so, be sure to leave a comment on where I can find your photos throughout the day of April! You can take your pictures in whatever way you’d like!


In the meantime, here’s a photo from a wedding I second shot for back in December! The blog post will be coming this week – better late, right?


Elizabeth & Austen | Weddings | Second Shooting

I was so happy to be able to work with Lynsey Jones of Lynsey Creative on a gorgeous wedding way back in the beginning of December. It was too warm to think it was December, but that didn’t matter, because it was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! Elizabeth and Austen opted for a “First Look”, and I was ecstatic to help capture that! Here are some of my favourite shots from my second shooter position!

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 elizabeth_austen-5 elizabeth_austen-6 Untitled-3 elizabeth_austen-11 Untitled-4 elizabeth_austen-16 elizabeth_austen-18 Untitled-5 elizabeth_austen-19

I want to thank Elizabeth, Austen, and Lynsey for having me around for this great day!

Katherine & Robert | Houston Engagement Session

I met Katherine and Robert for their engagement session at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday! The weather was phenomenal, and so were Katherine and Robert! These two are getting married this April, and I cannot wait to photograph it!



Oh! P.S. – Katherine totally made that beautiful scarf AND SWEATER! I’m just super impressed by that!