Bluebonnet Baby

Well, my baby turned nine months old on Sunday. To celebrate, I took her to do one of the most Texan things that a Texas baby does in the Spring: have her pictures taken in the bluebonnets!

I called one of my good friends (and one of my best bridesmaids & also fantastic photographer), Whitney to see if she and her little baby bug, Kaylee, would want to join us! Bluebonnets are kind of a big deal, so we did the mom thing and took some photos.

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I’m obsessed with my baby. What can I say?


Sophia Wynn | Six Months

I can’t believe that as of yesterday, our daughter is halfway to her first birthday! It’s mind blowing that she’s been blowing our minds for the last six months! Each month, I take some photos of her so that I can get sappy and be a weepy mama when she’s much older. Her six month birthday was no different!










We can’t wait what else she throws at us on our way to her first birthday!!

A Day at the Zoo on 1.1.13

Welcome to 2013, y’all!

I’m excited about this entry, because not only is it the first one of the new year, but it’s also a glimpse into a new theme of posts I’ll be doing (hopefully) every week here on the blog called Sophie Days! These type of posts will be pretty much just documenting my days with our little one, and basically just an excuse to overload you all with gratuitous amounts of adorable photos of her! Anyway…

Two years ago, James and I spent a wonderful New Year’s Day (2011) at The Houston Zoo. It was great, especially since a few months prior was when James had proposed to me right next door in Hermann Park. For some reason or another, we didn’t go on New Year’s Day 2012, but this is our first January 1st with a baby, and we decidedĀ Hey, it’s New Year’s Day, the zoo is free today, let’s hit it! So, hit it we did! We all got bundled up and headed north to the zoo!








I have to give props to the husband, because I love this picture!







She’s definitely teething and into constantly having her hands in her mouth!


2013 is already looking incredible!