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This terrible cell phone/Instagram (@dandyaslionsphoto) picture is here to say,

“Bring it, 2013! I’m ready for you!”

What are your goals & resolutions for 2013?


29 December 2012

Okay, I have at least one other post that I should make before posting this, but it’s almost 9pm, the kiddo’s snoozing, and I’m bored. I wanted to just have a little Photoshop fun and put this quick picture up. Come Tuesday, I promise to post what I originally had planned prior to the holiday buzz. My mind is churning and I have a lot of things I want to do on this blog. But, before that, here’s this:


See you in 2013!

Looking for a Contest?

Hello, all!

I am really excited for a few reasons today! The first is that we’re just five short days away from celebrating Christmas, and while that’s exciting in itself, this year’s will be ultra nice, since it will be Sophia’s first one! James, myself, and the entire family are looking forward to it! I’m assuming Sophie doesn’t care either way, since she has no idea what Christmas is…but boy, is she in for a delight!

The second thing I’m excited about is announcing this contest I’m having! Yes, ’tis the season for a contest, fa la la la la and all of that! So, this contest is for the couples out there. Whether you’re engaged, planning on getting engaged, married, married with kids, or just a loving couple who wants some photos, this contest is for you! It’s super easy to enter, too!

Here are the details:

Go to the Dandy As Lions Photography Facebook page (here) and hit that nice, little “Like” button. After doing that, go take a picture with your sweetie – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it can be taken with your phone, computer’s web cam, a digital camera, whatever, just be sure that you’re the ones that took the photo – and upload that photo onto the Dandy As Lions Photography wall. I’ll then add this picture to an album on the Dandy As Lions page. Next, let all of your friends and family know that you’ve entered this contest, and for you to win, you have to get the most “likes” on your picture (that will be placed in an album with all of the entries). But here’s the really important thing, in order for the vote to count, your friends and family must also “like” Dandy As Lions Photography in addition to “liking” your photo. That’s really important! So, be sure to tell everyone that bit! Tell people every day about this contest, so that you can get more and more votes!

The couple with the most “likes” wins a free hour and a half long photo session and a disc of the edited images! It’s that easy! So, go ahead and get working on your poses, because this contest is ending on February 5th, 2013! The winner will be announced on February 7th!

Go enter, and good luck!

And since this would be a boring post without one, here’s a photo of a beautiful bride!


The Gosches | Family & Lifestyle Session | Alvin, Texas

I seriously love being around this family! Christine was one of the first photographers I met and got to know here in the Houston area, and she and her family are always super great! We got together in October to shoot some pictures of her with her wonderful husband, Donnie, and amazing, fun loving kids, Harleigh Rae and baby Jude! First, we got together at the Gosch home and then headed over to an amazing strawberry farm in Alvin! I loved all of it!




IMG_0921-21_small IMG_0925-23_small





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