Katelyn | Hermann Park | Houston, TX

Kay and I first met in our level 1 improv class. I immediately knew I wanted to befriend her for a few reasons. We were the only two girls in the class, and easily the only two under 30. She also dressed super cute, was incredibly funny, and seemed like an all around awesome person! Later, we learned that we’re both 23-year-old vegetarians who, of course, shared a love for comedy – and so, our friendship was sealed in an adorable, hand crafted proverbial envelope filled with shiny heart-shaped confetti and a letter sprayed with a delicious sugar cookie body spray! Okay, now I need some cookies.

Anyway, here’s a little session that Kay and I had in Hermann Park in honor of her birthday! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!

I have to say that one of the best things about photographing friends, is that I know they’ll laugh at all of the weird, dumb, (most likely inappropriate things) that I say – that’s when I snap ’em!

Okay, I had to share this picture! Katelyn showed up with a huge bag of things that we didn’t really end up using, but among the cute props was this amazing ceramic unicorn family! Ha ha! This girl has some collection of goodies!

This is another goodie that Kay had in her bag, and I seriously love this little flying pig statuette!

Katelyn, I had SO much fun photographing you! I’m so glad that we met and that you let me photograph you with my camera all up in your grill!


2 thoughts on “Katelyn | Hermann Park | Houston, TX

  1. Excellent shots Skippy. Andy Katelyn rocks. You two were easily the most comfortable with each other in the Level 1 class and both over the top funny. It was a great pleasure going through that experience with the two of you.

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